McFarlane Toys Warhammer 40k Pick Up

I’ve been on toy detox for long while now, but I couldn’t resist picking up the McFarlane Toys Space Marine.

He’s a big beefy boy. Probably weighing in at over a pound of plastic.

These Warhammer 40k marines have always had the 90s “if it ain’t badass pouches, it’s massive armor” aesthetic and the first action figures coming out from Bandai and McFarlane go to finally prove once and for all that the armor is not at all practical for any sort of natural movement. There’s articulation there, but it is buried under a mound of metal…err plastic.


Even the McFarlane figure has to use the dumb GW base…boo! to bases!

You been reading the new Warhammer 40K comic from Marvel, @drunkwooky? Kieron Gillen is writing it and Jacen Burrows provides stellar artwork.

It’s actually surprisingly sturdy without the base. Those fat stompers really keep this big boi upright.

Yeah! I think they’re doing a really good job with it. I encountered Warhammer 40k back in the early nineties when I was a kid living in England. It was hard for me to find more than two people to play with stateside and it was also crazy expensive to put together an army for a kid. So, I can count on two hands how many matches I actually played back in the day.

As I grew up I tried to get into the story, but it is horrendously opaque. It’s like twenty years of 1000 page books that go deep into high sci-fi/fantasy lore and it’s a bit dense.

SO, the point is, I think Kieron, a true Warhammer geek, is doing a great job not dumbing the story down, but getting new readers up to speed on what this world is and where we are in the story. Also, getting the reader to care.


Now I want a full McFarlane sized army to play with.

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It looks cool. I remember getting a Warhammer Space Marine Squad pack in the late 1980’s when I was about 16. I had the same problem with finding anybody that wanted to play the game or invest in it. Me and my friends start growing out of D&D or wargames that we had played.

I still have them. I added a Black Templar Army Starter kit too. I will finish painting them in the near future when I retire. I also collected a High Elf Army a few years ago after playing the Total War Warhammer video game. I hope to either display them or actually get to play the game once in while, lol.