Live- Signed Comic Offer

McFarlane is offering a special edition foil stamped black and white Spawn Universe #1 with orders over $50 and a copy signed by Todd McFarlane for orders over $200. Promo Codes below!

I think there is a random chance at a signed copy for the $50 promo that I heard him say in the video here, but the promo ad doesn’t say so on its face, so take with a grain of salt:


I’ve been awaiting this launch for about 4 days (I follow the Toddfather on Insta) and I am supremely disappointed with his offerings. I would spent $50 if they had the DC figs I need, or a Spawn Mortal Kombat figure (red, normal), or even a Spawn Compendium.

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The Last Knight on Earth Box Set is nice if you don’t already have those. :man_shrugging:

Walmart during their con sale had some figures like commando spawn for 1/2 the price this site has it for.

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I might just spend $200 to get the Todd signature then re-sell everything I order. Cheap signature after that.


Yep…I was even going to try, but there simply isn’t anything I want or that interests me on there.

They should have waited and had that entire new wave of Spawn figures (including the exclusives) launched from their site. I already have them cheap/preordered via Target (which was a shocker though).
A few of the items that aren’t even that cool are also sold out.

Easy pass.

I just don’t like that Bane at all. It’s gray… looks like Solomon Banedy. WW isn’t too bad, Batman is okay. I don’t care for Scarecrow or Omega Knight. Plus it’s $25 over retail for essentially special cardboard and chrome trading cards. Recouping money would be tough.

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