meh feebay

So what are your eBay names? :smiley:

and I got you agentpoyo :smiley:

Haha… nice. Yeah, I’ll get this party started.

My eBay user is the same I use here, agentpoyo.

You can find my current listings by clicking here.

Anyone who wants to add their name, we’ll create the links to eBay for ease of use.

Mine is. 735var1

Current Listings

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Thank you Poyo!!!


I’m cruzzer2

my eBay stuff is overpriced. I was surprised some people out there actually bought this from me.



Because I like to ponder and was born in 1988.

Comics Listings

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My listings On eBay

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Mine is bhav_ta_2014

I’m based in the UK but do post worldwide as well… :slight_smile:

Currently listings.

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