Mercari or eBay?

I’ve sold stuff for years on eBay and have never tried Mercari. Do a lot of people use Mercari like eBay? I’m just wondering how big of a buyers pool there is on Mercari. The fees are just getting too high on eBay and I need to branch out.

I list all my sale books on both, sometimes I get more sales on eBay, like this week, sometimes more on Mercari. Seems Mercari buyers are usually later on news than your average eBay buyer so I can get higher prices on Mercari.

Fees are about the same, but I ended up doing more Mercari sales last year than eBay.

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Mercari is faster to list on, but eBay gets more people overall for comics. EBay’s payment methodology has become extremely annoying as well. They both have good and bad aspects. I will say bigger books I’d list on eBay as I have more luck with pricey stuff there.

Honestly, I’m using both a ton less and mainly use Whatnot to sell along with Facebook groups and the Reddit ComicSwap group.

Oops, I also, also sell on Whatnot. I like Whatnot but tend to sell for lower, but moves way quicker

I’m a big fan of Whatnot, as Tony knows.

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Just starting to sell in mercari. Is there any way to turn off offers?

Listed my God of Thunder 2 NM and getting ridiculous low ball offers within minutes of listing. So annoying.


Not that I know of, cause you can just message users to make offers.

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Offers through Mercari or messages? I thought Mercari had a cap on how low an offer could be, like maybe at most 15% off… been a while but I think I remember that.

Any whatnot users want to share their names to be followed? I’d follow some of you… :slight_smile:


I do shows and they’re fun, I’d say!


apopcomics I do shows and they are fun, but have been on hiatus because of work Returning next week.


I don’t know of any way to turn off offers at all. I have received some really ridiculous offers on Mercari and I have blocked a good amount of people for sending such things.