Michael Keaton to return as Batman in the Coming Flash: Flashpoint film

Now I feel my comic book movie watching has gone full circle.

Damn. I sold a beauty copy of the BM89 adaptation comic not too long ago.

there gonna have flash visit batman beyond universe, and use that as a way to start that series


That would be cool

some one just bought a batman beyond #1 9.8 on ebay, so im not only one thinking thats the plan

I got to get mine graded

This could be extremely cool if Warner Bros. doesn’t screw this up.

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I’ve noticed a lot of BMB #1s in 9.6 being listed in the $500 range…thinking that’s crazy! Nothing has sold, but maybe this is the next hot comic…

I still have mine!

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Yep CBSI been trying their best to push that price up. Probably should of got a stack of the six flag ones they will actually be wanted eventually. I paid $50 for mine best non 6 flags copy on eBay when I bought it. Do really well with $50 book purchases from the past ASM#300, NYX #3, BA #12, now this.


Too bad Adam West passed. That’s be a great multiverse sub plot.

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