Midtown 75% off sale

Thought it might be a cool idea to see what people are grabbing off of the midtown sale.

My pickups were
Edge of the spider-verse 3 and 4(Greg land) 7.14 each
Hunger 1 1:50 x3 Neal adams cover 11.34 each
Punisher 218 1:25 (first punisher war machine) it was 7.14
Spider-Man vol2 #3 C (just a cool miles cover) 7.14
Star Wars bounty hunters 1 1:25 $7.63
Thor 1 vol6 Scalera $6.38

I also had 20 copies of the Gwenpool hip hop cover but when I went to check out they were sold out.


I thought it was store pickup only.

Yea I went to check the website and it definitely says in store pick up only

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I was all about 75% off until I saw that. Not driving to New York to go into a comic shop right about now.


Actually I think I am wrong. I think it is saying it is also valid for in store pick ups, not only in store pick ups

is Midtown telling me they usually charge people for in store pick ups but now for Thanksgiving it is a free service?? lol what is happening here

Nope I paid shipping. So the sale is good for home delivery too.

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I think sometimes their sales aren’t valid if you pick in-store pickup instead of shipping.

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Gonna have to try it then.

Yeah I think the disclaimer looking print at the bottom is just going to cause a lot of confusion. If you add books to your cart and choose shipping the cart still has 75% off. If you add $89 worth of books shipping is free.

Keep your fingers crossed that they don’t get damaged during shipping…

Judge for yourself.

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The key here is “up to”

Would’ve bought some Omnis for 75% off for sure but can’t find any with that much of a discount.

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Good point.

Heck yeah! Just got myself a Stephen Platt 1:50 for $11! Really really excited about that lol, probably more than most people would be.

Also got a few copies of TMNT 95 2nd print. Still at least 10 of those available if anyone’s specing on Jennika.

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Robot Chicken DC variants at an awesome deal. Jus hope they make it here safely.

I also press my own comics,so I’m not as concerned about small damages as others are. If they get demolished then that’s a different story.

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Here is a code for 20% off purchase from Oni Press. Valid till the 15th. First come first serve if anyone is interested.


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