Midtown Sale - Actually Good This Time

Looks like Midtown is having a 60% Off Recent Back Issue Sale that looks like it has some winner books for cheap or some definite reader books that you might want to pick up to read but couldn’t bother paying full cover (that’s what I normally go for myself)…

Here’s a few highlights:

Batman 89 #1 Cover D Incentive Joe Quinones Design Card Stock Variant Cover - $16

Nice House On The Lake #1 Cover G 3rd Ptg - $1.80 (Sucks if you bought at full cover… )

Red Room #3 Cover B Incentive Takashi Okazaki - $4.80

Red Room #3 Cover D Incentive Ed Piskor - $8.20

Star Wars War Of The Bounty Hunters 4-LOM & Zuckuss #1 Cover D Incentive Superlog - $15 (Seems like they jacked the original price up before the sale but still pretty cheap, love Superlog)

Plenty more… those were just from first few pages of browsing the sale

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