Midtown sale today - get this book!

Midtown is having an up to 60% off #1 issues today, so I suggest grabbing Contest of Champions #1 now for cheap for the 1st appearance of White Fox.

The 1:25 Yu variant is of course the one to have for White Fox but it’s pricey and not available at Midtown.

You should also grab the 1:10 Kabam game variant while you’re at it since this book is also the first appearance of Guillotine, and she’s only featured on this variant. Quite the sleeper if she ever pops up in news.

Any other suggestions of #1 issues to get?


If you’re looking at cheap 1s of the characters from the mobile game there’s also a decent number of Future Fight #1s in stock at 50% off.


Kaiju Score 1 Cover A $2.75


I know this is not a ‘sick deal’ but Midtown jacked up the prices with the recent

BUT if you believe in the book has potential it is $1 over cover price.

Secondary market for this book is around $25ish… it is a cool cover if you can’t find it at LCS.

Black Panther World of Wakanda 1 Action Figure Variant $6


Grabbed Contest of champions 1 incentive with Guillotine
Future Fight firsts Crescent and Io 1 cover B
Future fight firsts Luna Snow 1
Future fight firsts White fox 1 regular

That’s a GREAT call. I been picking these up in the dollar bins.

@LoveBox I saw you were looking for this book a couple of days ago:

Encoded 1 Cover B $10 (Limit 1)

Thanks dude I ended up getting it from the shop I pull so someone else can get it, I was just gonna keep it in my pc

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Legit after putting in my order I got tracking info like 10 minutes later, usually takes them like a week

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