Mighty Crusaders Relaunch

The classic superhero team Mighty Crusaders is finding new life. Rob Liefeld, the writer and artist best known for Deadpool, will launch a four-issue series reviving the classic superteam for the modern era, with Archie Comics planning a 2021 release.

The Mighty Crusaders first debuted in 1965 in a series written by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel. The team has included an assortment of heroes, including the Shield, the Comet, the Jaguar and Fly-Girl, but never quite broke through into the public consciousness a la Archie, Sabrina and other hit characters from the publisher. Archie Comics dusted off the property in 2017, and with this new take, it hopes to bring Mighty Crusaders to greater levels of awareness.


Idk how I feel about this. Rob on story and art… delays and floating characters Sans background.

I immediately saw the pics and was like… that’s Liefeld, I’m not interested… :wink:


Lol. Like an updated young blood hybrid.

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I’m just surprised the guy who looks like Namor doesn’t have his hair, ears, eyes, cheeks, and chin covered by some sort of EXXTREME(!) headgear.

Oohh… let’s see how many covers we can find of Liefeld that does this same exact pose with no feet…

I’ll start if off…



Oh and then I saw it’s “Archie Comics” so definitely out… :wink:

“Hey, Afterlife with Archie is incredibly popular! What should we do, soft cancel it and publish more teeny bopper nonsense?! Sounds great!”

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Yeah, they ruined what could have really pushed them into the publisher spotlight with consistent cool titles and series like that one… but nope, they ruined it… and now I don’t touch anything Archie…