Mike Ploog Comic Auction-thoughts?

I’m a huge fan of Mike Ploog. Top 5 for me. I follow him and he recently submitted some of his own books for grading, signing. I mean zero disrespect to him relative to this post either. True master.

Having said that… I’m not sure the starting bids make sense. If 9.8 then that’s a different ballgame.

His signature is difficult to get…but I’m also not over the top impressed with the presentation.

Maybe I’m off the rocker & the sort of “one of a kind from his own collection” is the real kicker. Perhaps condition doesn’t matter at all given this, but to me…it remains fairly important.


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I’m a big Ploog fan as well.
And I think you hit the nail on the head - if those CGC labels indicate that they’re Mike Ploog’s personal copies, then that is where the “high” starting price stems from.
I have a couple of CBCS Verified signatures, and I’m pretty sure they don’t have anywhere near the value of these because they are just regular signed.
Yea - he’s a tough guy to find autographs on comics from, BUT it’s not a Frank Frazzetta or Steve Ditko autograph either. (which command astounding sums of money)

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I had always intended to get this signed by Neal Adams as well.
But I kept delaying, delaying, delaying and handing Neal Adams other comics I wanted signed.
Sadly, now obviously it’s too late.
It would have been sooooooooooo nice to have Ploog AND Neal Adams autos on this.