Miles morales spider-man #23 kael ngu trade & virgin sale

Scotts collectibles are having a sale tonight at 9pm UK time £33.95 for trade and virgin set, £14.95 for trade

Will it be worth picking up a few?

I’d like one for the personal collection, but I’m skeptical it will take off in the aftermarket. We’ve seen store variants with really solid gimmicks (MJ as Carnage) not move at all when she first appears in interiors. Maybe this has something extra going for it in the basketball/ Chicago Bulls/ MJ crowd, but I’m on the fence for sure.

FYI, for U.S. buyers it goes live tomorrow over at Frankies at 2pm EST.

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I just seen the last sale on eBay was for £60 but I’m not sure how long the secondary prices will last

I wonder where that guy got his or if he even has a confirmed order yet.

Picked up a set from Scott’s. Doesn’t say anything about it being limited, so more for pc than spec.

They’re also shipping to the US too if anyone is thinking of picking one up now

Do you think the numbers on the shot clock mean anything or just random shot clock numbers? 15:12 02

Frankies has 3k trade 1k virgin (allegedly) the chatter and requests on FB is more than usual. I’m assuming it will sell out. Thinking of buying a trade & virgin set. Since I get free shipping

I picked up 2 sets and a trade cover I’ll probably keep 1 set and try and flip the others to cover costs

So 24 hours later did anyone get any or just me :thinking:

I copped a trade. Was in the shower for the group presale at 1:30 got on 2:15 trade & virgin set was sold out.