Miles Morales Spider-Man #6 seeing some 🔥

Yesterday’s Miles Morales Spider-Man #6 features the 1st full appearance of Tiana Toomes, aka Starling. She is also featured on the cover of said issue.


The book is seeing sales of 2x - 3x cover price.

Tiana Toomes is the Grand Daughter of the classic Spidey villian the Vulture. She appears to be a hero and meets up w/ Miles as she pursues some sort of vendetta with Tombstone. Some are speculating that this new female character may be Miles’ long term love interest, moving forward. Spidey and Starling has a nice ring to it, imo.
Issue #4 had a print run of 30,465, and I would expect this book to be around the same number. However, issue #6 has 2 covers, so the actual print run on Cover A may be much lower than the 30k copies of issue #4 (only 1 cover). Starling does have a 1 panel, named cameo in issue #5 (thanks to Alana for the cameo info). Good luck hunting this week, CHUniversal soldiers.

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Knew this had potential and have watched it since way back in Marvel Previews. So made sure to grab a copy yesterday. Might pick up another.

Only one sale looks to have broken the $10 barrier before shipping. I usually look for a book to pass $13+ shipping to make it worth my while.

Looks like online shops are all sold out if Cover A.

Do not bother with cover B. Follow Poyo’s advice. I wouldn’t bother with issue 5 unless you’re trying to flip them together and squeeze a little more profit out.

I have also been keeping my eye on this book since the previews solicitation. Now that Ive read it, I see lots of potential for this character, in regards to Miles’ future. I find it somewhat interesting that Keatons Vulture had an African-American daughter in the MCU, and now the Vultures Grand Daughter, in the comics, is African-American. :thinking:

Hello brother @jcLu great post I’ve decided to cut and paste my comments from yesterday from the main website. Hopefully this contributes to the conversation…

“I like this book for many reasons… Low print run. Standout cover A appearance, nobody wants the B cover… (POYO is loving this) That’s approx 20k print run just cover A. She’s a SUBSTANTIAL character with a clear first full, costume, name, origin, cover, etc. I also like that she’s a HERO. Also it’s SPIDERMAN, it’s a big deal. I also like the possible love interest angle with Miles. Lastly, she’s an awesome empowered young black female and simply just a cool character I want to get to know… Checks all my boxes for a successful speculation. Be well everyone…”

UPDATE - Less than 12 hours later sales of $9.99 and $16.99 and essentially scarce copies of cover A listings. (Which makes sense there’s only 20k of them.) Several listings of cover B for $6-$19 but again, nobody wants that cover… Have a good day everyone I’ll be watching… Great spec @jcLu I agree :100: be well friends…

I picked up four copies. Gonna keep one and sell three.

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