Missed Variant Last Nights List ..RICK AND MORTY #50 1:25

They were not my radar,but I could not find any images of the cover …so I was like F it…but I had went to Midtown this morning and see someone there before Me and was like WTF …(Shout Out to Mike) he said eh was there for Rick and Morty …i was like hold up … looked on Ebay and SEEN NONE(Ed:There is 1 up now 1000 oR bEST oFFER )… thats pretty weird …and there are 2 1:25 …with Rick and Morty making a come back and their fans being as passionate as they are …these could be something down the line

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Nice. I saw them online but paid them no mind. Didn’t look today though.

These were sold out on Midtown last Wednesday. I looked on ebay last night but couldn’t find any.

Not really into Rick and Morty comics, but these look really awesome

Still sick from sellers regret about selling my #1A and #2 and #3 with the anatomy covers like these…

I had a #1 I sold for $30, and felt lucky. Then the show blew-up. My saddest, “Sold too early,” story.

That’s a rare book, low print run and still on my want list… Sadly, I was a tad late to the R&M game, issue #12 is where my collection begins… It’s a great comic and better show. ADULT SWIM just reupped 7 more seasons… Any franchise that can cause riots over szechuan sauce clearly has my attention. I think sky’s the limit for the show and it’s comics speculation wise… It could easily be the next SIMPSONS but with a really tiny ONI print run… I recently purchased a few series of limited connecting reprints of R&M #1-5 along with the #50 anniversary release covers. They’re still available through ONI/diamond to the best of my knowledge if you can settle? Could be something longterm if that interests you, just saying… Be well… :alien:

I have #1 first print and I think 2 x #1 4th prints. Then I picked up A and B covers starting at like issue #3 or #4 through issue #10 but ended up with the 2nd prints for issues #2 and #3. I need to go look through them again. I stopped buying after #10 except the few random issues afterwards as I just didn’t have time to read them.

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Maybe a bit of a consolation. Shit, it might even heat up a bit. Lenticular reprint pre-order:

I picked up a few of those lenticular covers at Awesome Con. They are limited to 2000 and each one is numbered. So I think it might actually heat up.

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Huh… but if they are on pre-order wouldn’t that mean they are printing more?

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I did notice that on the Oni Press website they did not say that they were individually numbered, so maybe they did print more. That would definitely make mine heat up.

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These are now sold out on the Oni Press website.