Mister E from KIB Symbiote Spidey

Here’s some background on this character who shows up in #1.



I read the book… I’m interested in seeing how this goes.

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Not many people seem to care.

Spiderman Spec has been DOA for some time. Im staying away from spoilers for the issue though until i get home to read it.

Miles and venom seem to be doing fine. Spider verse is also popular spec.

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I bought the Superlog variant just because it looked cool, no spec reasons.


I picked up a Marvel Spotlight 9 but I’m not expecting much of it. I don’t think the retcon will catch any real spec heat.

It takes place when spidey was in the black suit. If he was in the current 616, I think it would be better received, because it looks cool in the guts. He doesn’t look quite like that in MS #9. He must not have actually died, when he was assumed dead. Let’s hope it’s not some retcon that’s cliche.

Just got the main cover and Superlog var for the PC.

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Same main and superlog for the PC. I’m a spiderman fan so most current runs I’m buying to read. Cool covers may get a double. Reprints etc.