Modern Comics Cooling off

I thought it’d be fun to look at books that came out really hot but have since cooled considerably. Also seems better to buy some books at the drop .
Marvel action avengers 10 first Yellow Hulk got some heat out of the gate because of yellow hulk, despite it being the IDW series, and was seeing prices of $30-$40+. Since its cooled off considerably to around $10-$15

One book I thought was really interesting was Star Wars High Republic 2 1:25 by Ashley Witter. Pre-sales were going really pricy at $100+ and the peak I saw was a sale at $180. Then when it came out everyone went heavy on high republic 2 to not miss out after issue 1 and then saw just how abundant copies were. Now its going for just slightly above ratio at $30+

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It’s a hold now. If and when they do a Disney+ show, it’s gonna explode…

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I hope it explodes. I have three.

X-men 4 and 5 omega red lol


WCA 45 has cooled considerably from where it was the week White Vision showed up.


That Bee and Puppycat book

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Thor 5 1st Black Winter LOL


Glad I moved my 1:25 when I did!

Black Winter is a hold, it’ll be back one day… :slight_smile:


I too believe in the black winter. He will be back!!!


WCA #45 was always going to be a silly book to invest in at the price it lept up to. Why on earth would it sustain?

I’m in for the long haul for Black Winter. Just like Knull, he will be back. Can’t lock either of them up, so a seeming death is the only way to put them on ice for a while. SWA HR also one to hold onto for a while.

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