Modern Comics Heating Up (Those With Potential Too) (Part 1)

During the g+ days, he used to be one of the best guessers of what characters, indies, or covers people would pay a premium. Then after moving to facebook, paranoia ruined him

What happened?

He turned on all his close followers and alienated most members of his group. He can’t really get quality employment and can’t survive off his spec and remaining followers

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I know there was the you tube incident where he was on a podcast. He made threats against me that he was going to come to my house. Also said something about telling my wife I cheat on her with strippers and another claim that Poyo and I were getting hookers at NYCC. Really far fetched claims but bothered me because he put my wife’s name and my son’s name out there. Made it really personal.

I don’t know springman.

That’s where he’s all wrong… they’re called escorts and we went for the “girlfriend experience” packages… Geez!

I’m kidding of course.

There was other recordings where he went off with some very concerning hate words… dude has some serious issues. I hope he gets some therapy…


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He has no room to talk about hookers as he’s a convicted sex offender. He’s projecting his flaws

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It was against minors too from what I was told and read…

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Who is this guy? I think I recall Tony talking about this once before but I never looked the guy up. Seems like a good neighbor type.

Is it me or is there basically very little coming out next week, the 24th? Then, the Wednesday after is a dreaded, “Fifth week,” but has a chunk of stuff I’m after, so what’s the deal?

Memorial Day weekend has messed with both release schedules and FOC beyond what would normally be a dead 5th week

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I don’t understand why spidey 7 2nd pr 1:25 and other 2nd print ratios are showing up on top ten lists when pretty much every retailer charges double ratio out the gate

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gotta pump so you can dump


Then, there will be new 1st print ratios that sell well over the buy in price and can’t even make one top ten or twenty list. It feels like if they didn’t invest, they just skip it


Edge of spider-verse #2 comes out on the 5th week. No exclusives, but it will likely have to work as a long hold

Busy 5th week for sure.

This guy is at it again. Posting inflated sales out of the gate, trying to create false demand. $75 sale and no others even close.




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