Modern Comics Heating Up (Those With Potential Too)

Marvel Database states it’s FCBD 2007 Spider-Man 1st Jackot and Mr Negative.

Amazing Spider-Man #546 is another Mr Negative key and is also available in newsstand. I have at least one newsstand myself.

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That crossgen book has been hot for a while.

I have a decent amount of crossgen but not that particular issue.

Dollar tree used to have dollar bags of comics filled with crossgen titles. Wonder how many of these ended up in those.

Harry Potter spec…smh :hot_face:

So I am guessing you are not chasing after Love Is Love #1 :thinking:

Lol. I got the first prints when the first came out. Sold them all.

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I remember the love is love hype.

Who’s trying to cop them mr negative first appearances? Also if anyone has it for a good price and is willing to ship to the UK I’ll buy it off you

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Lol. Turns out that the unofficial Harry Potter appearance in Crossgens Mystic 15 wasn’t him it was Timothy Hunter. I don’t have the issue to see myself but apparently the character looks like Harry but has a very unique wand. If anyone has access to Mystic 15 and could provide a pic it’d be great.

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yea, love is love. has always been the book. but people pump mystic 15.

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Here is the panel. So homage, maybe, but looks like Tim from Books of Magic.

There is another one I have talked about before…

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I added this one to a Blind Adam Hidden Gems a while ago. The Star shaped wand is a giveaway that it is probably Tim Hunter in Mystic 15. So I present to you Bazooka Jules #3 out in 2002. A way more obscure small press book with a much lower print run. In the scene Jules has to register as a super human, you see tons of other characters in the book, including Ash and Pikachu. Harry, seen on the left, has his wand and his owl, and his broom. Not a star shaped wand, and a white owl which was featured in the Harry Potter movies.


Why is this book not red hot?

Because no one knows about the appearance. Like I have said, I have mentioned this issue before. I slid it into one of Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems posts on the main site. People will pump what they want to pump. I am not trying to pump the book, I just like letting people know things.

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I think it’s time you get a PR person Anthony… what’s that Skeff guy doing these days? You could talk spec and beards lol

Lol. I need to do more YouTube videos again but I have been kind of lazy about it.

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Ok. Fess up, who just wiped out of all their copies of Bazooka Jules #3?