Molten Man in Spider-Man Far a From Home?

Hmm Ran into a SpiderMan Far from Home Molten Man action figure.

I know people are banking on it being the Elementals but they are selling FFH Molten Man action figures. Kind of gives credence to the theory I put up Mysterio is working with Hydro-Man, Sand Man, and Molten Man in order to make it seem like an other worldly attack.

I think they are actually both they are going to be called Hydro man and Molten Man the other I heard is not Sandman but in the same interview that Hydro and Molten are name dropped they call them the Elementals. It’s also worth noting we haven’t seen any of the Elementals in human form in any trailer. I really think the Surprise will be Norman in a Ironman suit that he finds in the Avenger tower he buys. This is how they get Dark Avengers rolling. Lastly if all these villains come from another dimension created from the events of Endgame you better believe Gwen or Miles will make their debut in this films ending.

Explains why my Dark Avengers #1 sketch variant finally sold the other day after months on eBay…