Momoko Mania (pre-orders on Peach Momoko Covers)

Yes, she sure does have a lot fo work coming out. These are books shipping in October worth looking at.

Die!namite #1 (Cover C - Momoko Vampirella)

Die!namite #1 (Cover D - Momoko Red Sonja)

Die!namite #1 Momoko Red Sonja Ltd Virgin Cover

Die!namite #1 Momoko Vampirella Ltd Virgin Cover

Vampirella #15 (Cover B - Momoko)

Vampirella #15 Momoko Ltd Virgin Cover

Teen Titans #46 (Card Stock Peach Momoko Variant)
No Cover Image available.
Commanders in Crisis #1 (Cover C - Momoko)

Also, Titan added a FOC Momoko Cover for Horizon Zero Dawn #2

Hmmm…as we continue to say, Beauty in the eye of the beholder. I fully realize her work is great for flipping and many love it.

I have zero desire to order her work even if it could be a flip in the future. None of these remotely appeal to me. Good time to be a fan of hers though I suppose.


I don’t care for it either. Flipping - yes.

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I do like this cover though.

I like all of them except he last one. I’m passing though… I can appreciate Vampirella covers but I don’t buy them.

Not my cup of tea either but if I can make a few bucks…

The only thing I would be worried about if I was a big fan is over saturation. A lot of her stuff is hitting seemingly all the time now. It really may be a non issues but the market can be very fickle at times.

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Yeah I preordered that from tfaw

1:10 and 1:20 already up for preorder and less than ratio. I snagged me a set :slight_smile:

Sets are on Stadium Comics, but I never used them before.

Forbidden Planet has one up

She’s cashing in, getting some work, that’s great for her or any artist …

Personally, I don’t really see what the big deal is … my 30 year old art school graduate niece is a far better artist …

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Art is subjective. She isn’t a digital artist and her art doesn’t look like the same styles we keep seeing. The big deal may be that people are cashing in on her limited pieces.

I have an art contest in my shop once a year … there are High School kids as good or better …


Same thing goes for the music industry. Someone got noticed and thousands didn’t.

You should see my 14 year old dino drawings… he’s getting pretty good at Drawing Godzilla too… just wish he’d branch out, kids still a Dino nut… all he does is play Ark all day.

The sad part is, even in music industry, some of those kids don’t even have any talent except a good voice… they had good connections. A lot of the main stream POP stars only show up the sing it, they got a whole group of people writing and making the music who get zero credit…

That’s why I give props to anyone who gets on stage that is playing an instrument while singing… and who wrote the song themselves…

I actually like the two Die!namite covers. Her work is very hit or miss with me though.

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Did you guys see the Usagi Yojimbo Wanderer’s Road #1 NYCC Momoko Variant? it was sold on the IDW website and I think it sold out pretty quickly considering it had a 700 print run

This one is my favorite. Sold out instantaneously. I missed

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I feel you. Wanted this for my PC, but sold out before I could get it.