Monstress HBO!= Monstress Comic

Covrprice sent out their newsletter and confirmed that Key Collector’s notification regarding the comic Monstress coming to HBO was wrong:

There is a show called Monstress that HBO is developing, but it has nothing to do with Takeda’s and Liu’s book. For the people that want to believe that Coveprice is wrong, consider this:

• The only source for this news was Key Collector Comics

• No reputable media outlet has reported/confirmed this

• Both creators have been silent on this (as far as my Googling can tell)

CHU reported only what Key Collector Comics reported, and only because the market started moving books like crazy. If you made money, awesome. If you bought at a premium, ouch.

Whenever the source is Key Collector, always take it with a huge grain of salt. Nick is the kind of guy that likes to fall back on the following excuses:

• You didn’t have to buy it!
• 30 day returns, bro!

Is he right? In a way, yes. However, that doesn’t excuse him from choosing to not take responsibility for the huge ripples he causes because of his bad spec.

Before ending this, I want to make it clear that I’m not faulting CHU. They reported what they saw and reported who the source was for the original announcement.

To quote Mr. Poyo, Buy low, Sell high. Follow that advice, and you’ll never get burned.

I told you guys this when Anthony made the post. Nobody believed me.

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Just wanted to point out that its usually != to mean not equal… :wink:

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I take everything with a grain of salt, especially KC updates since they now have a horrible track record. But until theres confirmation like now… Its always hit or miss when it comes to these things.

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I have to dig out my copy. Bouhgt it about a year ago from Amazon. Arrived poorly packed with some damage. They were nice enough to refund the book and let me keep it. Was like $12, so nothing big. Now that I am pressing my comics I need to see if those defects can be pressed out.

I actually loaded up on this series initially and even had a handful of the HTF 2nd print that sold well despite this fake news… I still have a few issues of #1 and still have a 2nd print as well… I was tempted to list but now I’m waiting for when it really gets optioned to watch it blow up again.

Krap Collector is a scourge on our hobby. Corrupt pump n dump app, imo. Anyone who pays them money should re-evaluate their approach. KC seems to realize that they are spreading false information, and they do not care and/or plead ignorance if called out. Anyone paying an app to tell them what to spend their money on…smh.


I’m not sure why anyone would pay for such apps… most of the info they provide is already out there. I’d rather support a site with ads than pay money for the info. I mean, honestly, if a paid app releases info it’s not long after that the information is released in the wild. Do people really think getting the info by alert on their app or phone gives them an edge most of the time over others?

I also don’t trust an app where the person running such app has to tell his users to “utilize his ebay links” as often as he can… That just seems like the real motivation behind the app. I mean, I get it, you have to make money to support the site, services, CHU does the same thing but as we provide links here that might through affiliates, we never ask people to click them. It goes against most rules as most affiliates and commission based programs have policies for people to not ask their visitors and users to click links or ads, there must be genuine interest.


I sold a cbcs 9.6 red label of #1, #1- #6 , a 2nd and 3rd print of #1 and a couple more duplicate issues when news hit. Hopefully it won’t get returned now with this news.

This book has ALWAYS been overpriced, tbf. One of the worst things of modern speculating is that even though it’s been confirmed wrong, it’ll likely never go back down to what it was, thanks to the shills at CBSI and greedy sellers.

This book already sold a a premium though, from organic demand when it was first released. This was one of those books that attracted the usual non comic reading crowd, at least in my area.

When this book came out, I was able to sell a damaged copy for a good profit. (#1 1st print). It had the bottom right corner torn off.

It was actually thanks to Key Collector Comics