Moon Knight #1 2nd prints

Looks like these will be good ones to skip. The reg and 1:25 look to be sketches of cvr a and the 1:200 virgin, respectively.

Did you say 1:200? Damn.

It’s not actually a 1:200. It’s likely a sketch of the romita Jr cvr that’s a 1:25

Is it better than the other one he did for the first print?

Cvrs haven’t been released yet.

hello 3rd printing

I just want the series to run awhile if the quality of the first issue is any indicator of what to expect.


Here is to hoping davidbitterbaum. The last few series will get us just past a year, but I would love to see something go for at least a couple of years. Tired of all the resetting for cash business.

Moon Knight #7 is going to 2nd Print
It is on the CURRENT FOC
PreviewsWorld Code is 219248

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