Moon Knight 190 vs 191

Moon Knight 's daughter appears in 190 as a last page cameo. However, she’s named and appears throughout 191. Which is the book to have?


You probably won’t like the answer … which is both! :rofl:

Seriously though, we’ll have to see which one the market dictates. If I had to choose one, I’d choose 190 though. Of course, I’m also on the side that thinks a first is a first is a first.


That’s not her on the cover of 191, is it? I’m guessing is as it’s states “Crazy Runs in the Family.”

That’s the book To have. Need to find my meme…

Here it is!


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It’s not her on 191. This is all we get in 190:

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And why are people spec’ing on the daughter ???


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I think there is a brief clip of a girl with Moony in the Disney+ stuff they released yesterday to hype upcoming shows. I watched the trailer thing but I’m not sure. I didn’t see it. I need to watch it again and try harder.

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Because that’s what we do now… spec on every single first appearance in the hopes that one day, that first appearance will make us billionaires… muhahahahaahaha!!! :crazy_face:


Yep. It seems like a possibility it is her in the teaser.

its not her, just a random mother and daughter but people need something to push


He doesn’t

why did you post a fake trailer?

It’s fake?

that one is

this is the only real one

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What about this one? It shows the girl.

Looks like a random mother and daughter to me

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that scene was part of a sizzle real for all marvel shows coming that was shown at the end of the disney+ day event. the youtuber simply added it in. but its real.

right, it looks like he just snapped out of trance after a fight with random civilians around. no way to know atm

One thing that helps the theory is the time period. I will admit though, it seems unlikely that the teenage girl in the clip is his daughter. This review is interesting: