Moon Knight #5 spec

There’s going to be a new villain revealed in #5. It might be a good idea to secure a couple copies. Foc is past. He’s not really in #4 except for him being on the other end of a phone.Screenshot_20211027-215052_Chrome


Good looking out. Might add my 3rd or 4th copy.

It looks like he appeared before in daughters of the dragon deep cuts paperback. He’s named Winner.

Those were digital issues right?

Yep. It was later printed as a TPB

Soo…then not a first appearance in 4 or 5 copy if appeared in a prior TPB.

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I tried to get rid of the post but couldn’t

Isn’t it a first in the comic floppy. Since trades don’t count?

Since when do trades not count?

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Oh idk I’m asking. But I know a character from Star Wars isn’t a good measuring stick since they exist in trades and novels waaaay before floppies, and that fantasy is completely different. This a comic character so I’m guessing the 1st floppy will hold some significance.

Other then some batman TBPs, I can’t remember really much else, in terms of comic characters. On a side note, one other character that could have a future is his assistant, Reese.

That’s more a children’s book than tpb.

I’d say most comics are… geared towards… “children”… most of us are still… “children” when it comes to comics. :wink:

When I want to order off the children’s menu at restaurants because I’m not very hungry I argue that I’m a kid at heart.

I don’t have that one, but I have many of these “pocket” TPBs. I didn’t see much of a difference between the stories in these and the original Clone Wars DH comics. I also think collectors are more apt to see it as a “true” first if it can be encapsulated and graded like a floppy comic.
native American cover


The last page of this preview shows a picture of the villain that’s after MK. A former hydra agent. He’s referred to as Soldier.


sort of new character