Moon Knight Help/Input Request!

Hi all! Maybe this a something that is known & I’m just not aware. I’ve got these two beautiful copies of #25, but as I examined them, I noticed a small white spot (sort of above his hand in middle). It really appears to “belong” there but clearly isn’t on the other.
I have looked at so many other examples (graded & raw) & have noticed this spot on others in the same location (but not on others).
Was this a known printing issue/variation I just wasn’t aware of? Just curious…Thanks!

Lol…literally 5 min after I posted this there were 2 ebay auctions listed with a “white dot variant” & “no dot variant”…guess that answers that.
I’ll leave this post in case anyone else wasn’t aware.

I heard some guys discussing on a different platform, the validity of the ‘white dot’ MK variant. I believe their discussion concluded that the White Dot Variant is on par with the Blue Lizard McFarlane Spider-Man book. It’s not so much a variant, as it is a production consequence, or error. Low ink Wells et al. I have a few Savage She Hulk #1s. One has an orangey Title colour, the others have a vibrant red. The greens, blacks and other colours on the cover match. So it’s safe to assume it is not faded. The orangey copy simply had a low ink well during production, to cause a dimmer red in the title logo of the book. Is this now a SSH1 orange variant? I think not. M2c.

I’ll give you cover price for each of them… :stuck_out_tongue:

A few are currently away being graded. I can’t do cover price, but, when they come back maybe we can negotiate, @agentpoyo . :upside_down_face:

But I want them raw. I like to spread them across the bed and roll around on them, sniff them. It’s the only true way to collect comic books and to truly LOVE them! :stuck_out_tongue:

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You and Anthony “love” your comics in ways I don’t need to know…

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Many, maybe most, Infinity Gauntlet #1’s have a horizontal “line” across the back cover, about halfway down. Not every copy does, but it doesn’t seem to effect grade as I had a 9.8 like that.

I’d assume it wouldn’t effect the grade here either, but obviously if someone compares the two books at given the same grade they’ll likely want/pay more for the non-dot one…

They are nice books though. Moon knight is so hot right now…never thought I’d see the day…

I have both of these, and I love this cover so much I also got the 188 lenticular and much harder to find 2nd print. They display great together.