Morbius Trailer Dropping Next Week

I bought a bunch of Black Cat keys so long ago the last ASM #194 I bought still has the 2.99 price tag on it.

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You bought over cover price… just cutting into your profits… :crazy_face:

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Gotta say…hell of a trailer…but aren’t most? Looks pretty solid!!


I know…lesson learned… I could buy that 9.6 Amazing Fantasy #15 right now but I will wait until one shows up for cover first…any day now!.

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So Sinister Six ??

Saw that earlier.

Toomes is already in the trailer. Some could have guessed what was going to happen…

Seems like it.

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I heard the suit is different and how is Vulture a MCU only character did the first movie take place in the MCU and the remaining movies are not?

This is almost getting as confusing as trying to figure out the continuity of X-Men movies.

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Seems like at some point it might have tied into the mcu, but cause of covid and the sony marvel deal sony just took out most mcu connections and put it in the venom sony verse. Although the director did say that there is a Spider-Man in this sony verse and we’ll find out soon