Morbius Trailer Dropping Next Week

If the rumors I am hearing are true, and the source is pretty spot on, Morbius will be getting a trailer next Monday. This could drive Amazing Spider-Man #101 out of reach for many of it is true and is good.

Had a total of three copies of AMS #101. Sold two of them when the news first hit for a tidy profit. Kept a solid mid grade (6/6.5) for the pc. Wouldn’t mind if it spikes in price again!

Announcement raise prices. As do trailers. I think the trailer if good could drive up the prices.


I fixed your link @Anthony, forums don’t work so well with a href tags, click the link icon to create a link with alternate text… :wink:

I am hearing that there are references to Spider-Man in the Morbius movie. That would make Morbius and the spin offs part of the MCU.

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I just realized that Crown is the villain, whose first appearance is Peter Parker 76…I picked a couple of these issues up about a year ago but been holding onto it because the spec was dead and selling for cover…and I think the news came out in November and this book jumped to $20 or so…now it’s back down to $10…missed that opportunity. Still goin to try to push my copies and get back what i paid now though…

On the flip side (pun intended) I found 2 copies of Thor GoT #19 today for cover and already flipped both for a decent profit…win some lose some!

There is always another spec. I have been moving comic boxes I to the new house from storage. Found a set of October Faction and a set of Witcher 1-4. Listed on eBay earlier.

Leaked trailer, official one tomorrow

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Only 2 years late @Anthony

Trailer removed

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Lol yeah, a little later but was on a Monday if that helps

I feel like the last trailer was so long ago.

Yeah Sony probably took down the leaked trailer. There was references to black cat and rhino, Oscorp, daily bugle. Michael Keaton was in it and Venom is also referenced

Building up the Sony-verse!

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Black Cat??? I loaded up on Black Cat keys like 6 years ago and have been just waiting and waiting and waiting…. you mean they will finally use this character in a movie!!!

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Playing the long game!

Possibly!, in the trailer there was a daily bugle article about a rhino and black cat lol

Took my graded 1st Black Cat down from being for sale. Will sell my raw one with actual claw marks from a black cat if she appears in the film.

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