Morbius Trailer Dropping Next Week


If the rumors I am hearing are true, and the source is pretty spot on, Morbius will be getting a trailer next Monday. This could drive Amazing Spider-Man #101 out of reach for many of it is true and is good.


Had a total of three copies of AMS #101. Sold two of them when the news first hit for a tidy profit. Kept a solid mid grade (6/6.5) for the pc. Wouldn’t mind if it spikes in price again!


Announcement raise prices. As do trailers. I think the trailer if good could drive up the prices.

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I fixed your link @Anthony, forums don’t work so well with a href tags, click the link icon to create a link with alternate text… :wink:


I am hearing that there are references to Spider-Man in the Morbius movie. That would make Morbius and the spin offs part of the MCU.


I just realized that Crown is the villain, whose first appearance is Peter Parker 76…I picked a couple of these issues up about a year ago but been holding onto it because the spec was dead and selling for cover…and I think the news came out in November and this book jumped to $20 or so…now it’s back down to $10…missed that opportunity. Still goin to try to push my copies and get back what i paid now though…


On the flip side (pun intended) I found 2 copies of Thor GoT #19 today for cover and already flipped both for a decent profit…win some lose some!


There is always another spec. I have been moving comic boxes I to the new house from storage. Found a set of October Faction and a set of Witcher 1-4. Listed on eBay earlier.

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