More Darth Maul?

Interesting post by Ray Park recently.
Sure there was some expectations after Solo, but not much news since. Would love to see it.

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This could have been a #TBT from Solo. Disney wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag with something like this.

Also, I would think Disney would distance themselves with his recent indiscretions.

I’m cautiously optimistic. Could be a hint he’s appearing. Could also just be him scrolling through his iPhone camera roll late at night and posting images from Solo or Phantom Menace.

It would make sense he would show up in Andor. Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett less so due to…um…spoilers.

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Yeah. Nobody is safe. They can just use Sam Witwer and a martial artist stunt double.

Maybe the Carrie Fischer and Mark Hamill CG were ever so subtle warnings. “We can replace you. We own your likeness as this character.”

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Many possibilities…flashback secenes, Kenobi series as well.
Can’t assume anything…yet impossible to rule it out either.
I know he’s had some crazy incidents…so have I throughout my life. He’s a nice guy in my experiences with him. I threw back shots with him in the Hotel bar at Anaheim Celebration. Great memory… surprised I can recall it.

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My brother spotted Captain Kangaroo one night in Manhattan hotel bar and almost got into a fist fight with him, lol. The Captain told him to “F@ck Off” after he asked him how he was doing, lol.


Didn’t he get in trouble for using his lightsaber on some girl online or something? I figure Disney trying to protect their brand wouldn’t want him back