Morgan Le Fay coming to the MCU


The evil sorceress will be played by Elizabeth Hurley as the season 3 Runaways villain. First appearance is Spider Woman vol1 #2 can be found cheaply at Spider-Woman #2 on eBay She does appear in Black Knight #1 1955 pre Marvel as well as a different take on the character.


Ugg. He ships media mail. I grabbed 2 though. Hope they get here alright. Thanks for the heads up.


I ship media mail as well. You should experience poyo packaging though… :wink:


Sorry, I’m a stickler for rules (military brat with a dad who was strict)

Comics are not allowed to be shipped media mail blah blah blah. You have heard it before. My Uncle was in charge of checking media mail packages while in service to the USPS back in the day. Nowadays they are so desperate for business that they let them slide. But until they change that rule I frown upon it.


It’s fuzzy cause last time I checked, comics with limited ads (indies) are allowed. Marvel and DC are the ones that are so full of ads they wouldn’t qualify.

But yes, the USPS is so desperate nowadays though and the job is no longer an admirable one. I get Flat Rate Priority Mail Only envelopes with a First Class stamps on them…

I remember postal men/women would be dressed up in uniform, looking all snazzy and now most of the ones in my area are contractors who wear cut off jean shorts and tank tops while delivering the mail.


Maybe in the future, with all mailings via media mail. I stick a CDR with some music PDF’s on it and some free public PDF books. Then it meets the requirements. The comic is packing material to protect the CDR … :slight_smile:


Meh. First class is nearly as cheap as media mail if you have a business account with them and negotiate your terms.


Yeah, I just don’t sell enough myself to get a business account. I actually prefer flat rate as it includes insurance.

A single comic though is 12-16 ounces for me though. Like I said, I pack with protection. Never had a comic arrive damaged. :slight_smile:


Elizabeth Hurley is cast as Morgan Le Fay…

Also, Media Mail isn’t preferred, but for some people a few bucks is all the difference, so I offer it…


She’s sort of a DC character too, like Thor and Hercules. Jack Kirby created Morgaine le Fey for DC in 1972. All versions are based off Morgane le Fay of mythology.


Yeah, I do it to save the buyers a few bucks.


I has the USPS charge one of my customers an up charge before releasing a comic to them. I was lucky they did and he was happy when I refunded that as well as original shipping.


If it was done right, there would be a cut-off date for media with advertisements as the adds likely are only good for a month or two…but that’s way too much to ask usps to do what’s right, so they just ban it all and in the end just hurt themselves and the economy…

Cut off their nose in spite of their face, I believe is the term…

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