Movies You’ve Never Seen (and Embarrassed to Admit)

What movies have people not seen, but you know you should have watched by now?

I came up with this as the movie American Graffiti popped into my head, and I realized I have never sat down to watch the whole thing.

And I have no explanation as to why. Because I really want to see it!


Harry Potter movies

Just had no interest when they came out

Not really embarrassed but plenty of classic '80s horror people seem to know backward and forward, like all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Friday the 13th, Child’s Play, Poltergeist, etc.

Jerry McGuire,
Field of Dreams,
Citizen Kane,
2001: A Space Odyssey. Kept trying to watch it in high school while sick with the flu. Kept falling asleep and having wild dreams. Then I’d wake up and rewind it to the beginning.
Say Anything,
Road House,
Mad Max,
Dirty Dancing,


Gone With The Wind



you gotta watch it

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Big Lebowski,
Pulp Fiction (although I’ve seen a couple scenes)


Harry Potter films
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films

Another one I don’t believe I’ve Watched


The Godfather movies. People are like “Tony knows that scene” and I am like what scene and they are like “from the Godfather” and then I have to admit as an Italian American with Sicilian ancestry I hate the mafia movies.

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Meh. I like Goodfellas better anyway.

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Haven’t seen that either. Too many hey Paison jokes as a kid.

American Graffiti is one of my all time faves. I can quote that movie left to right. When i was a kid i wanted to be Milner. For every dime invested in that movie they made a thousand on it i believe. American Graffiti was one of the 1st movies that ever told seperate stories of characters as all bigger part of a bigger story that came together, which now a Hollywood standard but when it was made it wasnt. I can go on forever about it

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A bunch of classics I still want to see:
French connection

I’m sure there’s more.

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I’ve never seen Inception. I don’t really feel embarrassed about it, but people tell me I"m missing out. My friends want to burn me at the stake every time I remind them of my never having seen it.

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I have a copy of the original Fantastic Four movie from the 90s i think…pre alba and evans…it is a hard watch…i mean to see it all one day and not the 1st 5 mins.

Inception’s pretty good. Not sure I’d rewatch it too
many times.

If you want a creepier version of Inception, watch Shutter Island. I watched that the day after Valentine’s Day after getting dumped. Not the best state of mind to watch that movie.

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I have never seen any of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies.
I have never seen any of the Harry Potter Movies.
Casablanca is a NO.
Any of the Clerks
Big Lebowski (My Coworker tore one in to me last week when I mentioned that I hadnt seen it)
Silent Jay and Bob Movies.

No interest in watching any of them really… other then Big Lebowski

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I mean, if you understand modern existentialism, you’ll both enjoy it and get “the point.”

Is this Shutter Island? I love that movie. Didn’t expect it at all. Also, people should watch INCEPTION.