Ms.Marvel: Beyond the Limit Questions

I admittedly don’t have an expansive knowledge of Ms. Marvel.
In this 1st issue, we have a glimpse of a villain, along with numerous variations of Ms. Marvel from the multiverse.
Are any of these “new”? Or already established characters/variations from other series?
I was just curious after reading it.


I don’t know anything about this character. Saw this at my LCS today but passed on it. I’d like to know more too if anybody can shed light on this book.

I don’t believe these versions have ever been seen. Who knows if they will become characters we ever see again. However, the next issue is supposed to have Kamala’s doppelganger. Could she be one of these?

Furthermore, Kamala’s cousin 1st appears in the issue, if I’m not mistaken. I’m interested to see if she becomes anything.

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Those are all new good catch!

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1:25 probably a good buy while it’s cheap no store exclusives or anything to pump up print numbers and incentives.

Plus, Kamala Ms marvel #1 ratios usually do pretty well. I’m looking forward to see what happens next issue.

I like the Miles variant cover.

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TFAW does have an exclusive.

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Definitely prefer Dodson’s cover

Have any of you placed orders via Marvel/own shops or whatever (directly order I suppose is what I’m looking for) with regards to Ms. Marvel Beyond the Limits #2?

My shop is running into/has run into issues with the ordering of this issue number. They aren’t being dishonest or anything like that. I’ve had it on my order from issue one, but they even showed me that their ordering system is showing an out of stock, unable to order that has been in place for them since the get go? I was just curious about it. Thanks for any input!

Also @agentpoyo or @Anthony could you help and edit the title of this thread I created. I somehow wrote out Me. Marvel versus Ms. marvel in the title. I can’t figure out a way to edit the actual title.

Fixed. I think it will only allow you to edit within the first couple of minutes.

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Issues with ordering via PRH or Diamond?

@DarkDominionComics I believe PRH. Just curious if anyone had issues with the ordering of #2 from a retail perspective (I’m not sure of how the retail process works). Thx!

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No issues from Penguin.

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