Ms. Marvel Disney+ speculation, Discussion, and reviews (spoilers possible)

Show goes live at 3am est tonight, figured we get a thread for it.



As with all DisneyPlus shows with characters I don’t really know I’m going in with low expectations and I enjoy the show for what it is.


I know I’m way out of the target age range, but I’m looking forward to this. I’m going in expecting a lighthearted superhero kids romp like Spy Kids or Sky High.

I’m sure hardcore speculators are going to be very disappointed.


You’re really pumping this…

How much of a value you looking at your books to increase…?

Im watching this with LOW expectations. All of the critics giving “glowing reviews” for episodes 1 & 2 are most likely trying to stay on Disney’s good side…

Cuz we all know if this was a DC show, it would get scathing reviews…

I have to say I don’t think he is pumping this as much as opening a thread to discuss it. We have had a thread for every Disney+ show so far, do not see why not to have one for this one.


meanwhile in the “List of all Netflix’s upcoming comic projects” thread…

Agreed :100:


Let’s take it offline then, let’s not talk about any spats publicly.

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The show will be a big hit with Pakistani folks, especially the younger generation. Trust me, I live in the city the show is based in and the city is all about it w/ even the mayor chiming in. The Pakistani people are excited about having representation and they finally have a superhero. Wait 'til Halloween rolls around, there’s going to be a lot of Ms Marvel costumes around here.


I have a few comics I picked up at or below cover price. I do not know anything about this character and will be open mined about the show. I hope it has a good story.

Perfect example of how representation matters.


The critics have it at a 51%, so there is still roughly a 50/50 chance at good things!

Any details on these critics (website perhaps) as I can’t find these numbers online you are referencing?

I never judge a book or movie based on other reviewers. I just watch it for myself to determine if I like it or not. Some people like chocolate, some like vanilla and gosh darn it, some even like strawberry!

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thanks, now i want Neapolitan ice cream

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Disney has to tread very carefully based on the ethnicity and religion of Ms. Marvel. Not stirring anything … just stating that theres more than a comic character riding on this show. I hope its a fair, good depiction of the character, and glad to see the diversity in superhero shows.

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Ms Marvel by G Willow Wilson is a very fun real for the uninitiated. It was one of the few Marvel series I followed until she left the title. She was paired by a very competent artist Adrian Alphona, so that first volume of Ms Marvel is highly recommended.


Disney must not have high hopes for the show if they are releasing it same time as Obi episode 4. They have never overlapped a live action Star Wars and Marvel show.


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How much does that really matter with streaming? I can watch one show, then immediate start watching the other.

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