MTG Arena - For those who enjoy Magic!

I downloaded the game the other day and have purchased a $19.99 entry bundle deal. It gave me a bunch of packs, and those combined with the free decks you get from just playing the free game is enough to put the hurt on some people.

It’s TRUE MTG, not like the other apps and standalone games they created in the past. Think of Hearthstone, for MTG players. I always enjoyed MTG better than other card games as it requires a lot of critical thinking and there are a million ways to play.

For those of you who are like me, and can’t get to hobby shops all the time to play with a group, its a fantastic experience, and a very small investment. If anyone tries it out, post here and let me know! I’d love to post my deck / strategy with you and hear what you are using!

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I enjoy Magic but the other kind. I’m part of the magic community here in Las Vegas.


I’ve been playing mtg on arena for a while now (since Guilds of Ravnica). It’s a blast, especially because I just can’t make time to get to the shop/find a playgroup.

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I need to play more. I found the color challenges a drag to get through to unlock full features of the game.

Yeah they were easy, but did unlock some packs. Once I started building my deck and getting back into the gameplay it was awesome. I play blue / white with some very cheap cards that ramp up quick. I have a lot of people quit after 4 or 5 rounds.

I like turning creatures sideways… so I frequently play either aggro or tempo decks.

Me too! I got destroyed by a black deck that either destroyed my creatures or made me discard my cards. Was horrible.

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Nice. I prefer Izzet (red/blue) or Simic (blue/green), but yeah, blue seems to always be incorporated in winning decks that can react to a range of different threats.

I’ll dig back in and try and finish the color challenges tonight. It might be because I play before falling asleep in bed. I tend to fall asleep as my phone falls out of my hand onto the floor.

Black discard is one of the most infuriating play mechanics. “Cool, I have no cards. Now what. Pass the turn.”

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