My Comic Shop has Batman #89 back up for sale!

That’s the thing. The book that I got that was damaged had a torn cover. If it’s spine ticks or little corner crease then I’d expect you’d let it go.

What shops ship back copies? Right there is evidence of the lie, forget about copies showing up the next week, that just confirms it.

shipped them back…please…Who does that? Who has time for that???

I’d venture to guess it depends … personally, I had a complete full box that somehow ended up soaking wet one year, I reported it to my Rep as all books took some water on … Diamond, in that case, did require the books be returned … probably so they could file an insurance claim with UPS as much as anything else …

If it’s a book or three here and there, Diamond will simply tell you to destroy them …

Now, I would also venture to guess, that if a Retailer is a chronic reporter of damage, beyond the norm, there might be some actions Diamond would take … I don’t know as I have never fell into that category … :vulcan_salute: