MY FOC / PreviewsWorld

I was making my list last night for FOC, but peeked at the Previews. I will get in to that in a minute but First I will give my FOC personal choices.

Strange Academy #1 goes to 5th Printing. the PW Code is SEP208309

Captain Marvel #22 goes to 2nd printing. PW Code is SEP208303
This is a concept ART Variant that features OVE, BRIGIO, and SORA on the covers. I’m picking up 4. FOC is this Monday.

King in Black #1 has a SPOILER VARIANT. I’m picking up 2 of those. PreviewsWorld Code is OCT200504

Here is my rundown of what I have learned from THE MARVEL PREVIEWS…

Aero & Swordmaster will be in THE BLACK KNIGHT.

Star has joined the Thunderbolts

Strange Academy has gone to issue 7. Strange can’t save everyone.

I want to see the CONCEPT ART variant for Star Wars High Republic. It is done by Blanche/Kenny. Any concept/design ART variants are a must for me.

The Union #2 has a concept ART variant, I’m getting 4 of them. PreviewsWorld code: APR200881

I am digging the Marvel vs Alien Variants. I will make a checklist sometime tonight. I want 2 of each.

I’m getting Marvel Action Origins #2 but haven’t seen #1. Why #2? Because it will revist Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and that’s a must for my Captain Marvel Museum.

Captain Marvel Snapshots has a hidden variant by Dave Cockrum. The PreviewsWorld code is APR200930

I have several Marvel omnibuses on watch on ebay so when I can find an affordable one on my want list I’d be able to pick it up, Annihilation Conquest Omnibus is getting another go in May. I’d rather wait and spend the $125 then the $200-300 people ask for it.