My LCS didn't get Batman Fortnite #2!

Did anyone else miss out on this comic? Rob, the owner, said he may get them, but he can’t promise anything.

He gets his DC stuff from Lunar and said they offered no explanation for the shortage.

My shop said they got allocated some. They’re on the up and up good people, so I believe them.

Oh no…the “A” word…

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I mean, I didn’t get the vapors about it so it’s all good :slight_smile:

the shops i went to had a lot of them. didn’t hear the A word at either of them…

How did you miss out on it ??

Either go to a different store or buy it online.

I don’t think I’ll miss out. Rob, my comics guy, said he may get them this week and he said he ordered the second print, so I’ll get it that way if not the first print.

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