My LF post

I’ll keep it pretty basic. Mainly looking for things that I’m adding to my daughters long term collections for when they grow up.

All New Marvel Now Point One (first Kamala)
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 1 (first Lunella)
Darth Vader 3 (first Aphra)

I’ve got moneys, or if anyone wants to talk potential trades on DMs most of what I have is more modern things from the last few years.


Sounds like a nice list. Sorry I don’t have any, but will try to find the Darth Vader 3 one day in the wild.

Let me check my DV3’s again, I might be willing to let go of one.

I’m doing the same with my 4 nephews but I’m doing them True Believers/Facsimilies, etc. They got some modern keys here and there… My niece is going to get my Captain Marvel Slab collection when I pass.

You may want to throw in some Far Sector #1s if you can still find them if you dont got them. Pre-covid, I was buying those in lots at about 2.50 a piece. I snagged a lot of them. Glad I did too.