My Next Slab Purchase

So I have some eBay bucks to burn (by 8/2) and a little cash in my PayPal account to help it along. I’m thinking I’ll buy a slabbed book that either appeals to me/my childhood or a good investment.

If you were given a max of $200 to spend, what slabbed book (title and grade) would you recommend? I’m curious to know what people think are good investments and/or are just great books to own to them.

Please don’t recommend raws. That is a separate topic and a different scenario.

For me, Comico Primer #2. I loved Grendel as a kid and this is his first appearance. It was also the first “grail book” I bought as an adult. Oddly enough I recently picked up a Comico Primer #5 for $10. First published Sam keith work and first appearance of the Maxx.

If you don’t mind a 9.4, then Transformers #1 for nostalgia purposes works for me (I was born in 77). This is one of the first books I owned and anything Transformers ruled my childhood.

I’m also hunting down a slabbed DC Presents 52 and/or Ambush Bug 1. He was my Deadpool back in the day.

I can see DC’s new corporate overlords looking at Marvel and saying “Disney’s got Deadpool” where’s our Deadpool. Then someone says, we got Harley Quinn. Then someone else says, “No, wait, audiences are going to be confused with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. What else you got?” Then someone else says “I got it! Mister Mxyzptlk!” Then someone from marketing starts sobbing (It’s not clear if it’s from laughing or out of frustration or both.). Finally, someone says “Ambush Bug!” Everyone says “Who?” and pulls out their phones to bring up the wiki page. The inventory guy smiles thinking about all the molding dolls he has in a warehouse that he can repurpose and sell. Then the Hollywood folks start imagining how they would sell this to Ryan Reynolds: “Just do Deadpool with a green mask and with more fumbling. Ryan, this is your chance to wear green in DC again and redeem yourself. Just like you did with Deadpool!”

Personally, I’d try and find a medium grade Conan the Barbarian #1, 1970 …

Or ::

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #134, 1970 …


On a more Modern level ::

Eternal Warrior #4

If the “Bloodshot” film hits, it could be the birth of a Franchise … Vin has a strong following, so, who knows … ??


My unsolicited advice would be to just buy the best book you can/want for the money you want to spend. Don’t get caught up in raw or graded cause you can always very easily buy a comic skin (they’re like $16 bucks) to self slab for display, or send out to CGC (annual membership I think is only like $20-25 bucks and I think modern books start at $19? for a grade). If you go raw (i know, i know you specifically mentioned don’t mention it) you could be getting a better graded book and increase your return right away. You’d have a ton of good silver or copper books to choose from with that budget.

That being said, if you NEED a graded book - look at “or best offer” options and target books in the $300-350 range and offer $200.

I also recall last year ebay put out some pretty strong coupons for % off cart around Prime Day - so I would hold out on buying til Monday, Wed, and Fridays when they seem to drop coupon codes around 8AM-9AM EST (or sometimes mid day).

Vin as in Vin Diesel? Please do not tell me he’s on tap to play Bloodshot? Not to offend anyone but he’s probably one of the worst actors in Hollywood. The only thing he does great in my opinion is “I am Groot!”

I don’t have any comment on his Acting Chops … just saying he does have a Following … :vulcan_salute:

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I can’t argue with that…

Same here. I already own a #1 in a 9.6 newsstand that looks like a press could get to 9.8. But since it’s for the PC I’ve no motive to regrade it.

Loving the Walmart reissues of the 80s toys…Soundwave w/buzzsaw is available in Canada now! Will make its way to the US soon.

Also have Masterpieces or second party “knock offs” of my favorite characters.

I’m considering grabbing a GIJoe #1 in 9.6 to go with it and my Thundercats #1 and Mask #1!

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That would be fine if not that I was buying on eBay. You’re always gambling photos tell the whole story on the grade…and then when it doesn’t you’re spending time arguing for a return and maybe paying return shipping. When it comes to books priced over $100 on eBay I go slabbed so I know I’m getting what I want.

They haven’t had a straight up % off coupon in nearly a year that can be applied to comics. Now it’s all eBay bucks and usually capped at 12-15%. And one of those hasn’t popped up in a month or I would have used my eBay bucks already…had my eye on a few things but they were sold because I choose to wait for the best deal.

So I hear ya.

For $200? I would go after A Fantastic Four #50 in 4.5 to 5.0 or A X-Men #94 in 5.0 or a higher grade DC Comics Presents #26, probably a 9.2.

Spider-Man Noir #1 (9.8)

I too am trying to do an 80s #1s slab collection and totally forgot about MASK. Don’t forget He-Man and Voltron.

Oh man, Soundwave is the one transformer I always wanted but didn’t get as a kid. This could be dangerous on the old wallet.

…or Care Bears #1 and Smurfs #1! Can’t have an 80’s party without them! I do own Smurfs #1. I admit it. It came in a value back along with Web or Spider-man #1 I got at a local Pic n Save when I first started collecting.


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I also have a Smurfs #1. I got it in my youth. Have held on to it ever since.

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The Smurfs are the bomb! I love the Smurfs… (not the latest live action movies though, those were stupid)… but big fan of the cartoon growing up.

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Same…guilty pleasure. When I was 7 or 8 I would watch them with my two year old cousin. Now I try to show them to my two year old son on Boom…Mixed results. No trucks.

Been eyeing Fraggle Rock #1…haven’t pulled the trigger…

I picked up The Last Starfighter #1 a few weeks back…not slabbed, though. It was $1.