My sales for last week

Kinda interesting thought I would share, only sold 5 books last week but 3 or more copies of each. Miles Morales #5 3 copies, Miles Morales #6 1st and 2nd print 7 copies, Death Metal #3 Robin King variant 5 copies, Klaws of the Panther #1 4 copies


Interesting - I sold a Miles 5-10, 13 set last week myself.

What was the average sale price for robin king?

Average price on eBay is $10 shipped.

I had them at $15 + $5 shipping I sold one at the $15, 2x$13+ shipping, 2x$12+shipping.

The Klaws I’ve been getting $24 + shipping I bought 8 copies out of a dollar box

The miles morales $15 for the 2nd print of #6 $30 for the 1st print

I have mine at $24 shipped…sitting for weeks…but I only have 6 copies so I’m just gonna let it ride for now…

I’ve been moving those FCBD Civil War II’s…had them listed for $10 shipped for a while, but running low so I bumped it up To $20 Shipped and I still sold one!


Which one is that. I think I may have some

Civil War II is hot again? Say What?

Much like his unknown comics, I think one of @Anthony’s posts got lost in the mail for a while…

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@Anthony I bet is the type who has thousands of unread emails in his inbox… :wink: