Name That Spider!

Featuring at least one Spider you’ve seen before but NEVER on these mighty Marvel pages.

Spider-Boy #9 looks to introduce a character that had never been in a marvel comic story before, but we should recognize.

Any guesses who it might be?

First to guess the right character gets a CHU No-Prize!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It also says “at least”…so maybe there can be multiple winners!

I’ll go with Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web :joy:
Love that book/film. Cry like a baby.

You know, my mind went first to Anasi from African mythology but I wasn’t aware he’s in Marvel comics already.

There’s a couple other fun guesses but I’ll leave them to others.



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Any famous spider characters enter public domain lately?

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the all new all different never seen before ultimate spider boy

Lego Spider-Man has been on covers. Has he been in-story?

Thor Spider, everyone loves Thor.

It’s gonna be Marvels ultimate mashup. A Spider-Man with a Symbiote, also a spirit of vengeance, and adamantium claws. Venhellverine-Spider

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Mickey Parker aka Spider-Mouse ha!

As a matter of fact…