Naomi, She's back!



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Its funny because my RSS feed went off from TVLine originally showing this. Suddenly while I was typing I got a KCC alert saying the book was optioned, but they never quoted their source. Funny how they almost never quote their sources.


I never did pick up a cover a for my collection. I had one copy, but when we had David and Brian coming to our store for a signing I gave it to one of our staff who was an actual huge fan of the character so he could get it signed. And then I forgot to ever track down another number 1 to hold on to…


Win some lose some. In this case it sounds like it was the good karma move on your part.

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Anyone know an approximate print run for the Naomi #1 convention edition DC had at SDCC 2019/C2E2?

I sent 5 copies (2A & 3B) in for grading nearly 2 years ago…it was a $300-$400 book in 9.8 at the time…by the time I got them back (all 9.8s w/o a press) it was below $200…a week ago these could be had for less than $100.

I sold one cover B for $150 to cover my grading costs a year ago…now it’s time to list some more…just put them up…see what happens.

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10k was estimate i heard, they were giving it away at multiple conventions

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I got a copy of #1 I’ll sell ya!

This is why you should have just sold them raw… I sold a handful of raw copies between $100 and $130 each…


What is the difference between the convention Naomi and regular one?

I don’t know if I can afford the poyo markup :wink:

purple lettering on convention

Dude, they’re selling for $150-$250 now…and that’s just getting started.

Don’t make me Yoda meme you.

Yeah, it’s not a foil cover…that would have been cool.

I do like the purple cover. If I sell one of my 9.8s Invest in a convention copy.

What? I love undercutting others for the quick sale. :wink:

Only due to the recent news. Better sell now, this is CW we’re talking about… once the show happens, expect these to drop significantly once again…

Ok Poyo Downer.

I agree at the time there was risk involved if they came back 9.6…but they didn’t.

If anyone knows where to find the convention exclusives for a reasonable price please send me a message or post in the lounge. Thanks in advance!

Or news of the show never happening… muhahahaha… I’m not a downer, I just think realistically and hold no regrets selling all but 1 copy long ago where I made profit then and decent profit as well. :slight_smile:

Now, instead of the character having a natural, organic growth, she is being shoved on the fast track, front and center. Remind you, this character JUST GOT INTRODUCED last year…with VERY FEW appearances. Listen, we all know the current trend in movie/tv shows being made now is based off race. Studios are grabbing up EVERY black comic character to capitalize on the current market.

I have many, many copies of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prints of #1, and I feel now, that the value has just been capped on future gains.

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