National Junk Day has begun!

1st Saturday in July around here is the 100 Mile Yard Sale and other type events.

This is the day when normal people pull all that stuff that’s piled up in closets, attics, garages and basements out, scatter it about the lawn or drive it to a gathering place of other like minded individuals.

Thousands of dollars of stuff you bought over the last few years going for pennies on the dollar!!

$16 movies a buck!!
$3.99 comic books a quarter!!!

I’m looking at this big shoe rack thing and trying to figure out if I think I can get it to display all those Little Golden Books shipping in for sale Wednesday and 3 times she comes by and tells me she paid $50 for it and how sturdy it was!!! $5 price tag on it, who cares what you actually paid if you don’t even think it’s worth but $5 right now!!

How come noone’s out there trying to convince me that DVD of ET is worth a billion dollars because it’s 1st of something? Just a buck please. Must just be a comic thing.

What deals did you find? If you aren’t shopping you should be selling? That’s how the story goes I hear.

DVD ET movie is 4th printing. 1st print was reel film. 2nd print was Beta, 3rd was VHS, 4th being the DVD. :wink: just a reprint of a classic. Now, if you had the original reel of film, that would be worth more than $1.

Yup… Demand of the original reel film puts the value at probably $10… I think theres a bigger collector market for the original movie posters.

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Today I found Canto #1 in the wild. Not a huge ticket item but cover is better than $20. Also picked up Nonplayer #2 signed for $0.50.

I’m getting the feeling everyone skipped the biggest yard sale day of the year. Saturday mornings in general Spring thru Fall have potential. This was just the biggest of them with the most offerings untouched.

First one I walked to had comics in a loose-leaf binder you wouldn’t know were comics unless you opened it and peaked and also a Psylocke toy from the late 90’s it seems never opened with nasty yellow brown curled and damaged packaging. Another victim of someone never opening something and enjoying it. $4.99 and it could have been yours!!! I left it.