NBA Finals

Who ya got for game 6, and (Ka)whi?

Toronto is taking this is in 6. Toronto stays composed through this roller coaster and plays sound defense, somewhat shutting out the Splash Bros. Larry is coming home this year, Dr. Naismith! Go Rappies! :t_rex::canada::fire:

I think the Raptors will take it in Game 6. They’ve already beaten the Warriors twice at home this series.

And the Raps beat them in Oracle during the regular season.

Poyo says:

“That was pretty crappy of Toronto fans. They lost a little bit of respect from me for doing that. In fact, I’m now hoping the Warriors pull off the win now due to that.”

It was just brought to my attention that during game 4 in Oakland, when Fred VanVleet went down bleeding from near his eye after taking an elbow to the face, the fans at Oracle started a ‘Lets Go Warriors’ chant. Im not defending ‘cheering’ when a player is down, but the ball should bounce both ways, so to speak.

And now, in true Canadian fashion, we are trying to make up for our mistakes.

True but regular season doesn’t count. Every NBA fan should know that.

When the Mavs played the Heat back in 2006, I think they won 12-2 in regular season play since 2001 (before that the Heat won most cause the Mavs just sucked in the 90s). Mavs won the first two games in the Finals, only for the Heat to suddenly win 4 straight to take the series.

I’m not big into conspiracies (well, I like reading them but I don’t believe in them) but that whole series was messed up and the Mavs should have won it. They were the better team. Even the referee that had jail time for betting on games and throwing games claimed the series was thrown into Heat’s favor. You can watch the footage, Wade would go up for a layup and the Mavs would just move out of the way and they’d still call a foul when the nearest player was a good two or three feet away.

I totally think Stern was behind it all, everyone knew he didn’t like Mark Cuban since he loved fining him all the time.

Sorry, I’m still bitter about it.

That doesn’t sound like they were doing the chanting because he was down while medical were all around him. I’m not defending if if they were but from the video, nothing indicates they were chanting “let’s go warriors” due to him getting hurt since it appears to have started way after the medical were checking him out.

If you’ve ever been to a game, sometimes during timeouts they have those chants and even the mascots starting up cheers from the crowds. And you can hear the applause after he gets up. So I’m not convinced the warriors crowd was doing a direct cheer cause a guy got hurt.

The player was on the floor, bleeding from his head, with doctors all around him. No, it wasnt a direct taunt at the downed player, but it is not ‘respectful’ to be cheering and chanting for your team, during a time-out, while there is a player down on the court with a head injury. I understand that the KD and the FV scenarios are apples and oranges, and I may be a bit biased as it is my city that is being persecuted (not from poyo, but in general) for the KD scenario. I just dont see why one is ignored while the other is chastised. Imo, the Oracle cheering after the fact is worse than the reactionary cheers of the Rap fans. And to be honest, I dont think either of those scenarios are particularly wrong or bad. Im just playing a bit of devils advocate.

The referees are the reason I cant watch basketball anymore. I was a life long NBA fan up until 2 years ago. I still follow it, but I dont watch it anymore. The refs dictate the flow of the game with the constant whistles and they control who is on the floor. If they want someone off the floor, give them 2 quick fouls and watch the coach bench said player for the next 20 minutes. That is not right, imo.
During the Raps playoff run 2-3 years ago, we ran into Lebron and his Cavs and Cleveland went 45 minutes with no fouls called on their team. The 45 minutes spanned 2 games, but it is impossible in todays NBA for any team to play 45 consecutive minutes of playoff basketball, and not have a foul called on them. The fix was in for LBJ.
There is an average of 45 foul calls per NBA game. The game is only 48 minutes long, with a 24 second possession clock. If the best players in the world can not play the game w/o breaking the rules literally every other time they touch the ball, then maybe the rules need to be different. Imo.