NBC to start their own Comic Book Division

I ran across this article on another platform. I find this very interesting, and it does fly in the face of all those who think that the comic book industry is dying.

Sounds like they’re gonna just be under the BOOM! Studios imprint though… and the article makes it sound like it’s gonna be more graphic novel based, not floppy comics. I guess we’ll see…

The first book sounds interesting. I’ll buy one to read it.

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I got the impression that they will use a variety of publishers, starting with that first book by BOOM!. They are essentially trying to get their horses in front of their cart, so to speak. I’ve always said that Disney and WB will always keep their respective comic divisions because they are a farm for IPs, and stories to tell on a screen. Comics are essentially a story board for a film production. If NBC can start snagging some good IPs and make good use, it can be a game changer for those lowly TV networks. a la AMC and Walking Dead. M2c.

Maybe we will get a Days of our Lives comic.


I was always a “All My Children” type of guy…

Like the sands of time running through an hourglass, so to are the…days of our lives :stars::joy:

Makes complete sense. Content is king, which is why Amazon, Apple, Netflix, etc. all pay out the nose for media content. Cheaper to build your own media content and manufacture it than keep paying top dollar to someone else for it.

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Interesting it’s being co-written by a screen writer (with Morrison).

UCP is for “up and coming talent”. First book…Grant Morrison.