Need help with grade. ASM 361

So I found this from my childhood. :grinning:

Need help with a grading and if you think it’s worth getting it cgc’d. I bought it from the rack back in the day and would’ve paid $1.25 for it. Looks in great shape with some minor imperfections I can press out. The problem is when you open the book and I’m not sure how cgc would grade it. Should I even bother to get this graded?

I have no idea now cgc would grade this. Am I going to get a grade like a 6.5 or something like that? Obviously when I bought it I never thought those holes from the production would’ve amounted to anything. If they’re going to give me a grade like that then I won’t be sending it in to get graded. Thanks for help all.

those holes don’t affect grades. I believe they’re called gripper holes


Thank you!!!

Yeah. That’s very common for 90s marvel books.

ASM 361 is also known for a manufacturing defect (small tear) I believe, which doesn’t affect grade.


Yup, those holes are part of the creation process…


Yeah, that is from printing and most if not all have them to a certain degree. I have a 9.6 that has those printing defects and they also go onto/into the cover. I forget if it is the back or front but it still got a 9.6 and that was CBCS. If they are minimal, I would think a copy would still be a 9.8 candidate, if they are large and go intot he cover a bit it still has a shot at a 9.6. From my experience anyway.

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That’s great. I don’t see any tears on the covers, just looks terrible inside. Going to press and hope to get a 9.6+ from those monkies at cgc when I finally get around to grading it haha.


CGC might give you an 11 just because someone was watching Spinal Tap during work.

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It’s funny because when cards get graded they get bumped down for bad centering, which is part of the manufacturing process.