Negan Returns Foils

So there are going to be two foil covers for Negan Returns. A two per store silver foil and a one per store gold foil.

Thats per store front, not per account.

With sales slumping for skybound after walking dead ended it was only a mattsr of time before they revived the series.

My guess is to boost sales they will do a colored version of the entire run and then continue after 193 with the colored versions.

Let the debate begin if these colored versions are first print or second. Btw. I think issue 1 already got a colored version.

I actually heard a rumor of that coming out of SDCC last year. I didn’t dare mention it after Skybound got mad about the Excellent option being announced. But i heard they mentioned it during the Skybound retailer forum.

My question is will that make the last issue more or less valuable as its the last B&W version…

also makes me wonder if Negan Lives will be in color or B&W

There’s a cool site called that provided this info from the Image Press release…

Negan Lives #1 (Diamond Code MAR208199) is a 36-page, black and white comic book, available exclusively at comic book shops on Wednesday, July 1. There are extremely rare Gold (Diamond Code MAR208201) and Silver (Diamond Code MAR208200) foil variants of Negan Lives #1 in limited quantities, inquire with your local comic shop for availability and further details.