Netflix Dark horse deal

Speculation running rampant about what shows good make their way to netfix

I hope and they should be doing a Lady Killer series …great series ,low print run as well …the gem of the series would be Issue 1 from ECCC

Limited to 500 …a few pop up on ebay from time to time …snag it while its cheap if ya decide you want to chase

Very nice. I think I still have some regular covers for #1 somewhere.

A number of Dark Horse items in production right now are Disney properties like Avatar and Frozen. I would imagine they’re exempt or destined for Hulu if not Disney’s service directly if they ever get developed.

Other’s like Black Hammer Justice League: Hammer of Justice I’d bet are tied up by Warner Bros.

Be careful which one’s you grab. Most Dark Horse series are still in stock at Diamond months after release. Even Umbrella Academy only had sales of 13,546 for March so it’s a safe bet they’re all pretty much going to be low print runs until after something is announced for Netflix and even then will still be months later like Umbrella is now. Looking forward to Aprils numbers to see what Netflix is doing to UA’s numbers. It appears even Valiant’s Punk Mambo coming in at #100 did better for April.

Hmmmm, definitely have to keep an eye on this. Dark Horse still has Star Wars and Conan, right? :wink:

Not Star Wars or Conan. Both are back at Marvel.

But a ton of great creator owned books. Saw the winking face too late. Lol.

Likely these are only licensed for comics only, not for shows or movies. Like when Dark Horse had the rights to Star Wars, it was a license to produce new stories within comics only, not any type of movie or TV show rights.

Once Disney bought LucasFilms, they let those license rights expire without any renewal cause they knew they could revive the comics since they could cash out with the movie tie-ins, etc, they had planned.

Ghost. For some reason I got a weird but positive intuition about it.

  1. It has all the makings of a great series that can have little bit of darkness added to it just enough for it to sell, I mean people see Ghost and will think horror and NetFlix & Chill comes across some of these kids minds nowadays…

  2. Trends… Women… I’m not talking about SJW stuff, but NetFlix knows they will need a woman role series to follow up after Charlie Theron’s “THE OLD GUARD”

We will see, I’ve been wrong before. :slight_smile:

Lady Killer. Would love to see Wyrd. It is top notch. Some Jeff Lemire stuff perhaps.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 announced today for 2022. It is titled ‘Hotel Oblivion’. I’ve yet to see any sales but Hotel Oblivion 1 prices are raised to $20 range

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Well I take that back. I’m still seek listings for issue 1 of hotel oblivion in $5-$10 range. I guess a few people got a jump on this news and raised prices, but u can still get for relatively cheap if u want.

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