Netflix Swap Shop Epic Comic Haul

Hey CHU members,

Bored and want to watch an epic comic book collection find? Check out the Netflix Series Swap Shop. The 6th episode has a guy selling his father in law’s collection and it is epic.


There is no telling what else they didn’t show. Showed black panther, but I bet galactus and surfer were there also. And what about EC horror. Old batman books. Etc.

Felt like it was all set up for TV tbh. Fake news.

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All shows like this are. The Cajun Pawn Stars show years back was a big scam. They made it out to be this amazing pawn shop in a nice neighborhood. Hell it’s down in the old district of town, with all the run down houses, and the back of the store has plywood over the glass and ivy crawling up the building :rofl:

Well at least flipping to Netflix showed me I’ve got a 2nd season of Tiger King to watch.


I went to that pawn shop once it’s in Alexandria LA yeah it was rough and overpriced.

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I’m about 40 minutes from Alexandria. I been in that shop once. And that is when I was a kid and my mom wanted to go

The dude said “The mistake I made was telling him what is collection is worth”

Translation: " I wanted to be shady and rob the dude blind. Profit over people!"

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Not sure it’s fake news as it is not really news but sure as hell was entertaining to watch.

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