New Amazing Spidey volume

Look at how absolutely ridiculous JrJr drew Spideys forward hand on the cover above. :man_facepalming:. This will be the first volume of ASM that I may not buy. JrJrs art hurts my eyes. :disappointed_relieved:


I stopped after 801….ASM used to be a staple of mine since childhood. Hate to say it but it’s going to need a spark like Cates to bring me back…

Did you read Cates’ King in Black? It was a convoluted, unfinished mess. I’m just glad it isn’t JrJr drawing for Cates. Make my eyes and brain bleed at the same time.


I avoid event books like the plague. Ever since Batman RIP/Cowl/Return of Bruce Wayne…

The only “event” I actually read/follows since was Dark Nights metal which was really good until they had to wrap it up in issue 6.

So basically all events are a hot mess in the end, in my opinion. So I don’t necessarily use them as a measuring stick for a writer. Not that Cates is a great fit for ASM, but at least it’d be a spark for ASM that It’d likely perk my attention. That’s all.

There’s other writers that would also perk my interest, but I can’t think of any with Marvel at the moment that I think would be a good fit. Most are with DC or elsewhere.


they could not wait for issue 99 ?

I bet they’re gonna align #1 to end on an actual #1 issue as well. Since the last legacy issue ended on #801 and then they did a #1 so #850 was issue #49 which is just odd way of doing things.

Makes my head hurt.

Unless you wanted to promote both issue 50 and 850 in separate books…


They definitely knew what they were doing when they offset the legacy numbering from the current volume numbering, on this last volume, after issue 800. :100:

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