New Amazing Spidey volume

Looks like we’re getting a new volume of Amazing Spider-Man with a new #1 issue.

He’s gonna need to get that janky leg looked at.


Nooooo… just when I thought I had the Legacy numbering down.

What Did Peter Parker Do That Was So Bad, For Spider-Man Relaunch? (

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And those eyebrows waxed…

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:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

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They had to choose jrjr

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who’s he pointing at?

I love jrjr on spidey so I’m most getting this

Nooooooo! Not Romita Jr.!!!


Spidey Wants You To Buy This Comic! :wink:

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Smh. I’m upset… just keep the numbering going. In comes boatload of variants from stores.

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Can’t stand modern JrJr art but he’s really reliable with deadlines which is why he’s one of Marvel’s top artists

Sounds like 15 variants already. Kinda curious to see what Besch does here.

Lee’s cover is really simple, but so strong. This is a far better cover than A in my book.


Has a price been announced? Are they going to breach the $10 threshold?

Peach cover looks rushed.

We’re now up to 6 volumes of ASM. Marvel’s constant renumbering makes back issue hunting suck. :unamused:

Yes. Hunting Amazing back issues is maybe the worst title.

Solid Artgerm cover for issue 1:


Is this a store variant ?

That Artgerm cover is LAAAAAAAAAAAZY.

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It is? That’s a bummer. On it’s own, it’s nice. If it’s old work, yeah. Lazy.

I like it ! Was it an earlier store variant or is it a new one ?

I think its just a regular variant

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