New Amazon Exclusive 6 Inch Star Wars Black Series “Kenner Deco” Figures


Posted em yesterday in the 50th thread.

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I really don’t care for the 6” in the blister packs. I guess they kind of remind me of the old Star Trek figures from the 70s…but I like having the box since I can remove them without damaging it.

3-3/4 in I’ll take in the blister though…nostalgia there.

I collect a very select amount of the Black Series and I take them out of the box. What’s the point if I won’t pose them? I have one Detolf shelf in my office and all my star wars figures need to fit on that and not look crowded. Self-limiting.


The only black series 6” I have are The original Boba Fett, the Walgreens Prototype, and the Mandalorian/Din Djardin and Child.